Before Their Time


This locationless geocache is now archived.

Today I was fiddling around with my databases. One thing occurred to me as I looked through some things; there are some scavenger hunts that were posted, never found, and archived. Looking through this list, I see some interesting ideas.

List of Scavenger Hunts Submitted, Never Found, and Archived


  • Complete a scavenger hunt on the above list. It is expected that you complete the hunt after this hunt was posted.
  • Logs should reflect the spirit of the originally listed scavenger hunt. Photographs, coordinates, etc. should all be logged. I will be the arbiter of all the logs and will evaluate the spirit of meeting the requirements.
  • Links to photographs should remain active.
  • Publish the coordinates the photograph was taken.
  • You may not log a hunt you submitted.
  • The honor system is in play here. Logs should be unique to this listing. Please do not use photographs and logs from other scavenger hunts/caches. A new entry and image is expected to log this. Nor should you use this hunt or photographs submitted for this hunt to satisfy another. SoccerFanatics has a similar hunt for any archived hunt. Logs should be unique for One More Chance and Before Their Time.
  • PM me with any questions you may have.

For this hunt, I am going to exclude the following hunts as there are active hunts that are the same (or nearly so):

Should you know of another that meets the criteria, please PM me prior to logging so I can review the listing.

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