Stalkerazzi: Flyers Bob Kelly

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During lunch today my colleagues told me that there was an assembly this afternoon. Somehow I had missed the memorandum. D’oh! No one knew what it was about, but we were told it had something to do with the Philadelphia Flyers. On a lark I brought my GPSr with me along with my class.

Once we entered the cafeteria, I immediately recognized the one Flyer present. Anyone growing up in this area during the 1970s would have spotted The Hound. Ol’ #9, Mr. Bob Kelly was just a few feet away. As the rest of the classes filed in, I introduced myself. We chatted a bit.

Kelly was a fighter in his day and I loved watching him duke it out. He and Dave “The Hammer” Schultz were the backbone of the Broad Street Bullies. This team of bruisers turned the NHL on its head. The upstart Flyers took it to the Bruins in 1974 and then the Sabres in 1975 to win back-to-back Stanley Cups. In Game 6 of the 1975 Cup finals, Kelly scored the winning goal in the third period! He won a whopping $5 from Coach Shero for that in addition to the greatest prize in the game.

The Hound was more than willing to pose with Maggy. We then chatted a bit about GPS uses. He too uses one for hiking.

FWIW, he and the FLyers put on a very good program for students. And for the old guys in the audience, there was plenty of vintage Flyers tape from the Stanley Cup seasons.

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