Fritz & Daddy’s Veterans Day

07-11-10 Fritz & Daddy's Veterans Day

Beetle and Mommy had school today. Ha ha! Fritz and Daddy did not. What to do? What to do? Fritz and I hooked up with my friend Ken for a few hours of exploring.

Ken is an old friend of mine. We used to geocache a lot together. He no longer geocaches, but he knows the Pine Barrens very well. He has shown me all sorts of interesting things and places over the years. Today I returned the favor.

In my exploration of Cumberland County, I stumbled across this old cemetery. Not only does it house graves that pre-date the Revolutionary War, it backs up to the Cohansey River and adjoins a beautiful garden that is part of the farm next door. It is absolutely gorgeous. It also has a grand monument to those who founded our county. And it has a bench.

A bench? One of the scavenger hunts I needed was to photograph a bench made of nature . . . well, there’s a bench that overlooks the river. No one comes here I suspect other than the farmhands. It is quite peaceful. So we all went out and sat by the river. It was a guy’s day out (and here chicks always thought we want to go to strip clubs).

The gardens are dying now that fall is here, but the leaves are turning. The colors are remarkable!

As we explored, we found this wonderful tree. Another scavenger hunt I need is to stand inside of a tree like this, so it was quite fortuitous to find one.

After the cemetery, I took Fritz and ken down to Seabreeze. I would love to live in Seabreeze. There are about a dozen homes that sit right on the Delaware Bay. At the end of the strip is always a large old bald eagle. Sure enough, he was there perched on his familiar piling. We saw three more off in the distance and another two on the road out. Spectacular!

On our way back to the main road, as this is really way away from reality, we stopped at the farm we saw on the way in. I’ve been by here many times but had never spotted the Texas longhorns we saw. Once we were there, there was only one near us. Then another and a bison came running to say hello. After a bit we left and then saw where the rest were hanging out. Once again we piled out of the truck. This time they were so close I realized there was another scavenger hunt I could complete: touch a bull. And there I did! Very kewl!!!!

By now it was time to head home. We snaked along through the circuitous road all the way home. Fritz ate his lunch and then took a nap.

We had a great day seeing the sights. I think Fritz wants to go out yet again. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Fritz & Daddy’s Veterans Day”

  1. I’m so glad the boys are geocaching. Maybe baby Fritz will like it more than Beetle & Gert and you will have a more eager companion.

    It looks like Daddy-O may have lost some weight. The picture of big-Bob in the tree looks thinner. Have you been dieting?

  2. Ok, I just read the comment on you photo site. Maybe Beetle LIKES to go caching too. So I’m glad you may have another member of Team-Batona…even if Gert doesn’t enjoy sharing your hobby (passion). GPS units seem to be on sale everywhere this year. Maybe each of your young caching companions will find a receiver under one of the trees for Christmas.

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