This locationless geocache is now archived.

This is a puzzle scavenger hunt. You are seeking a location. That location will have a specific name (e.g. White House). To find the location, you need to solve the puzzle.

(Duplicate and Excel files for those who are interested). It is located at:ab.cdefgh, st.uvwxyz

Once you solve the puzzle and find the location, you need to come up with the name of the location. Use the name of the location to send me an e-mail at nameofplace@ladow.net (e.g. whitehouse@ladow.net). Please use all lowercase letters and no spaces.If the e-mail address is correct, you will receive an auto response.

The Twist
As an added twist, should you physically visit this location, log a find and post a photograph of you there wearing your viking hat. At that point I will request everyone else who logged this turn their Found It! log to a Note, archive the listing, and declare you the winner!

The Fine Print
* I have created a promise that I use on some of my physical caches. There are details about my puzzles in that document that are valid for this.

* Should anyone physically visit this location, I will wait four days from when I notify others to change their Found It! logs to Notes. After that I will delete the log.

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