Janet asks:

What are a few of your hardest habits to break?

There are two that come readily to mind: 1. biting my nails and 2. tobacco.

When I was in college someone told me that she had read a study somewhere that said if one did not stop biting his fingernails by age 21, he never would. I didn’t and I haven’t.

Every now and then I make an effort not to. Without a doubt, my hands look better when I do not bite them. I do not seem to bite them down as close as I used to. Nevertheless, they don’t look great. It’s a failing of mine.

Thinking about this, perhaps I should make a surge to overcome this.

My success story, as it were, is tobacco.

I went away to boarding school. I do not think my parents were too happy when I arrived home for winter break dipping Copenhagen. It’s a habit that took more than 20 years to break.

I still have nicotine fits every now and then. I haven’t had any since 3 August 2001. That I know the date shows how addicted I still am. I did give up the habit for two years in 1991-92. I always said I never quit, but gave up purchasing it. Since none of my buddies dipped any longer, it had the same effect . . . until I went to Florida. A cook at a restaurant where I worked dipped and so endth my abstinence for another seven years.

There’s no way to defend the habit; it is disgusting.

I have other habits that are hard to break. Frankly, aren’t all habits hard to break? Otherwise, they wouldn’t be habits. The way I clean is to organize the “stuff” into piles and then tackle a pile at a time. Gert can’t stand that method. It works for me.

My computer’s Desktop has to be cleared. I am anal about it. I’ll make a mess as I work on a project, but it has to be cleaned before I leave the system. I have lots of things like that. I am OCD about certain things. Organization is paramount to my life. I just know some friends and family are laughing right now. But it is true. The baking items are on one shelf in the pantry while the consumables are on another, and the staples on a third. The desks in the classroom cannot have any loose papers in them; everything has its place. And so on.

I am not so sure that the OCD stuff really counts as habits though.

Anyhow, I wish everyone the best in overcoming his bad habits.

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2 thoughts on “Habits”

  1. Congratulations on conquering the nasty tobacco habit.

    I am surprised that you struggle so much with either of your 2 vices. You seem quite headstrong about all things in your life and it appears to me that when you put your mind to doing something, it is accomplished. Set your mind to the nail biting habit and add it to your list. Mind over matter. You can do it! You can be an example to your children by showing them that you CAN accomplish anything you set your mind to do.

    Good luck.

  2. Tobacco is a vice of mine as well. Tried 4 times to quit, haven’t lasted longer than a couple weeks. Planning to try again for the new year. 5 times a charm?

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