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Janet asks:

I want to know what gifts you want the most this year. Also, if you want to take it that extra step, feel free to tell me what you’d want if you could have anything.

In addition, I want to know what you’re getting for your closest love ones this year. The more creative the better!

This is a very easy question for me: nothing. At least nothing tangible.

I’ve come to the conclusion I have all I need. I no longer play the Stranded on a Desert Island or If I had a million dollars, what would I buy? games. I am too much of a realist these days. If I need a new pair of shoes, I buy them. I prefer to do the purchase as I have been know to be . . . errr . . .ummm . . . particular. (There’s a deep sigh from the reading audience.)

While the idea of a gift/present is nice, the reality is that it doesn’t fit, I already have it (how many copies of Weird NJ did I end up with?), or space needs to be dedicated to it.

Rather, I much prefer to have time. As a husband, father, and teacher, time is something there is little of. I asked for the same thing in June as a combination Father’s Day/birthday/anniversary present. I never took that trip . . . there wasn’t time. I’ve been hinting at taking some time over the Christmas break to go and do that. To me, that is a gift I would enjoy.

The obvious answer to “if I could have anything” is retirement. When we were replacing the windows in the house we joked that we would sell sponsorship of each window to help defray the exorbitant cost. We were even willing to put a bronze plaque on the sill of the window the person sponsored. In that same vain, I am willing to take corporate sponsors for my retirement. Leave a comment if you are willing to help out.

Gert and I have discussed not exchanging gifts. That’ll never happen, of course, as she would flip if there was nothing under the tree for her. The new computer will not suffice either. Hmmm . . . a new GPSr? Phillies tickets? I suppose more clothes and jewelry, eh?

It just occurred to me that I have a wish list on this site.  I created that to answer this specific question long ago.  So, I guess I am materialistic after all.  🙂  I list things there when I stumble upon them for moments when folks want to get me a thing.

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  1. Thoughtful answer. And while I can understand not really needing something tangible, time is definitely a worthwhile answer in my eyes.

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