More Christmas Food

07-12-20 More Christmas Food

Mommy and Daddy arrived home spent. This last week is exhausting. Only one more day (Daddy has a half day!) left. The students are ready for a break, as are the teachers. But there’s still work to be done.

A teacher needs to provide a gift to each child for Christmas. My plan had been to make cookies in a jar for each of my students. Despite telling myself to purchase Mason jars a long time ago, I did not. I have been scrambling all week searching for them. They are impossible to find right now. On top of it all, we have sugar, flour, candy, and rolled oats out the ying-yang, but nothing to put them in. I resigned myself this morning to bag this idea and come up with something else. I left school thinking I would buy some pencils and wimp out with a gift.

But Mommy came through! She found Mason jars at the Shop-Rite and came home with the needed number. It’s awesome having a good wife.

Beetle‘s friend Nina came over with another girl, Alyssa. They brought Christmas presents for the children. Then they hung out for some time. Meanwhile, I began assembling my jars. Eventually, the girls left and Mommy and Beetle baked cupcakes for their school.

Beetle did a wonderful job making her cupcakes. We have a chef on our hands! She likes participating and the cupcakes actually looked good.

If you look closely, in the background you can see our new cabinets. Mind you, they are not installed, but they have arrived. It’s a step in the right direction.

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