What GPSr Do You Use?

I purchased a Magellan 315 on 16 November 2001. The first waypoint I set was for my lounger in the apartment I lived in at the time. I found my first geocache the following day.

On a trip to Florida a few weeks later, I dropped the GPSr on my parents’ floor. The unit seemed fine until I tried to find a cache. I could not lock in on any satellites. Upon my return to New Jersey, I returned the unit while it was still under warranty.

It was then that I got a Magellan Meridian Gold. I have used that unit ever since. It is well worn. I enjoy looking at the newer models, but am not disappointed at all with my MeriGold.

In February 2008 I purchased a Garmin Colorado 400t.  While there was nothing inherently wrong with the MeriGold, I was itching for a new unit.  It seemed like the Colorado had features that would be good for me and since I tend to be an early-adopter, it was a nexus of a few things for me.

The unit has had some glitches early on, but the more I use it, the more I love this unit.  The most significant improvement for me is that bringing a PDA on a geocaching trip is superfluous at this point.  I have all the information on hand.

The Garmin, unfortunately, is tied to the Groundspeak namespace for GPX files.  That means loading terracaching, navicaching, or homebrew caches is a chore.  I am working on a workaround, but there shouldn’t need to be one.  This influence of Groundspeak’s is far beyond a listing site.

Workaround has been found. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “What GPSr Do You Use?”

  1. We are using the Garmin GPSmap 76CSx. Our decision to buy it was strictly based on price. We picked it up on eBay for almost half the cost. We were looking at it’s sister unit, the 60CSx but when this came along we jumped at it. It works very well. The only issue we have with it is it’s size, it is larger and heavier than the 60 and much larger than the eTrex’s. We have a full review planned soon. 🙂

  2. I have a MeriGold and an eXplorist 600. I didn’t think I wanted an upgrade for the Gold, but my wife and daughter gave me the eXplorist for Christmas a couple years ago, and I was surprised how much more I liked it: the color screen was easier to read, it seemed to grab the signals better, and it is easier to put into my pocket.
    The Gold still gets a workout. My daughter often uses it to “help” me find a cache.
    I’m currently looking for a car-only unit that I can easily plug gpx files into. The idea is that I’d spot caches on a trip with the car unit and jump out and find them with the eXplorist. Problem is, not many car-nav units accept gpx (at least easily). It looks like my options are a Garmin nuvi or a Mia Walkabout, so I’ll probably be adding one of those to my collection soon.

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