I’m a King Bee

The following is a scavenger hunt based on a puzzle I created a few years ago. I always liked the puzzle, but it is too easy. I decided not to use it on any geocaches. I thought I would publish it here for amusement’s sake.

This is a virtual scavenger hunt that can be completed at home. You are seeking a location. That location will have a specific name (e.g. White House). To find the location, you need to solve the puzzle. It is located at:

George Benson Esther Phillips Janis Ian

Eddie Money Jack Burns Silverchair

Hugh Hefner Bill Russell

Once you solve the puzzle and find the location, you need to come up with the name of the location. Use the name of the location to send me an e-mail at nameofplace@ldowens.net (e.g. whitehouse@rdowens.net). Please use all lowercase letters and no spaces. If the e-mail address is correct, you will receive an auto response.


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