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Ever since I received the iPod, I have been listening to far more podcasts. I had listened to some of the Cache-A-Maniacs podcasts previously, but I am not comfortable listening to them on the laptop. Nevertheless, the last month or so my iPod has been filled.

Today while I was out and about it dawned on me I should answer the questions that DarrylW4 and Firefly03 ask their guests each week. Hey, why not?

How did you choose your screen name?

How long ago did you start geocaching and how did you find out about it?
Webfoot is responsible!

Rapid Response Questions
Micro or ammo can?
Ammo can

Traditional or unknown?
Normally traditional, but there are unknowns that top my favorites list (which doesn’t really exist)

Virtual or Earthcache?
Having never completed an Earthcache that has particularly interested me, I guess virtuals. Frankly, virtuals pale compared to shutterspots.

Placing or finding?
I find more than I place, so finding, I suppose. But when I am in placing mode, I will eschew finding as I am so focused on the hide. So really, whatever it is I am doing is what I prefer. Otherwise, I would be doing the other. 😉

Urban or woods?
Woods, without hesitation.

Number runs or challenging caches?
Errrr . . . challenging caches. I was surprised that this week’s guest actually answered number runs.

Geocoins or Travel Bugs?

Paper or paperless?

Favorite GPSr?
Well, I use a Magellan Meridian Gold. It is my favorite as that is the only one I use. Until recently, I had been contemplating updating to a Garmin 60CSx. I am now holding off on that. The new Colorado intrigues me. Yet, it seems riddled with issues right now from the geocaching POV, so presently, I am not looking to purchase anything unless I can find an inexpensive PPC with a GPS.

Caching alone or part of a group?
Almost all of my caching is completed solo. My son or daughter occasionally join me. I explore with others and sometimes divert the exploration to include a nearby cache.

Any signature items or trademarks?
Not yet. I figure there’s no hurry. 🙂 For years I have pondered this to no avail. I was this || close before the geocoin craze hit to minting a coin. I decided not to and have been very happy that I did not. I have sought a unique item that isn’t going to break the bank. I recently came up with such a thing and will begin working on the prototype here within the next month or two.

Any learning experiences that you would like to share with others?
I do not know how to answer this concisely. Um . . . read this blog.

Anything you would like to see improved in geocaching?
Wow! An opportunity to do it my way. The only thing I can think of is to remove find counts. This one thing appears to be the root of most angst that occurs.

Of the many slogans and taglines for geocaching, what is your favorite?
I used to use hiking with a purpose. I always liked that. Recently, I have heard of G.U.I.L.T (grown up idiots looking for Tupperware). That’s cute. I describe it as hide-and-seek for adults to my students. That conveys the activity somewhat.

How do you classify geocaching: sport, hobby, or game?
I don’t. Well, I refer to it as a game, but when inspected, game doesn’t really hold up to scrutiny. I do not like sport. I do not think it holds up in today’s environment of park-and-grabs. Hobby makes me think of models, baseball cards, etc. While there are similarities I have noted, I do not think it really fits well there either. Maybe it’s a recreation.

What other hobbies besides geocaching do you do?
Keep reading this site.

Do you have a favorite movie, television show, or musical group you would like to share?
I have been claiming my favorite movie is The Deer Hunter for decades now. But there are others I like too. Other than a couple reality shows I watch with Gert, I do not watch much television other than the news and sports (primarily baseball). Older shows I like(d) are All In The Family, Seinfeld, and early Law & Order. Musically, I like what is called classic rock, with an emphasis on Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Derek Trucks, and Roger Waters.

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