Why do you not log your finds online?

This is a question I am asked frequently. I used to answer it this way. Then I answered it another way. Neither answer is satisfactory now.

First off, it is not accurate that I do not log my finds online. Every cache I have found listed at Navicache.com is logged online. Many caches that I have found listed on Terracaching.com have been logged online. And even some caches I have found listed on Geocaching.com have been logged. On top of that, this site is replete with online logs.

The question stems, however, from the fact that I do not post Found it logs on Geocaching.com. The few logs that I have posted there are Notes and they do not document all the geocaches I find. The question is Why?

The links above provide some of the initial reasons for how that came to be, but frankly, here in early 2008, much of that is no longer at the forefront. I suppose time does heal old wounds, as it were.

The reality of the situation is that it’s been four years since I logged finds there. Time builds habits. Heck, I still do not to sign logbooks at least as often as I do. Even if I were disposed to logging finds again, I would not go back and catch up on what is now more than six years of caching history. It would be difficult, with certainty anyhow, to know on which geocaches I actually signed the logbook. That would be far too much trouble for me.

There are too many caches for too many years to go back and catch up. I have accepted that any cache I desire to post a log on will be done so here on my site. Some day I suspect all my logs will be here. As for now, it’ll be hit or miss.

In the end, I just have no desire to claim that I have found any cache on Groundspeak’s servers. When I post here, I am documenting what I have done for me. Readers are free to accept it or not, but it is posted to my site on my terms.

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