Risotto with Spring Vegetables and Smoked Ham

08-03-27 Risotto with Spring Vegetables and Smoked Ham

This recipe caught my eye when the latest Cooking Light arrived. I am definitely in risotto mode and looked forward to preparing this.

I struggled finding fava beans. I suppose I could have asked Hannibel Lecter. There are no fresh fava beans around. I did find frozen ones, but passed in favor of edamame. I made the stock the other day. It makes a difference . . . a huge difference. My stock is so flavorful compared to the boxed stuff I bought last time. When I was grocery shopping I thought about making it easy and just buying the boxed stuff. But chicken was actually less than that would have been. With the vegetables I had on hand, it would be less expensive to make it and I would reap the benefit of having the chicken to use for salads and stir frys.

I heated the stock as I began prepping the ingredients. I steamed the asparagus. Folks know I prefer pencil-thin asparagus, but all I could find where some of the thicker variety. They were delicious nonetheless. Soon enough the onions and ham hitting the sizzling pan. Ah, that’s the sound of cooking. We had plenty of ham . . . I should have used a bit more. Once the kitchen was filled with that wonderful smell, it was time to get moving. Risotto requires constant attention. In went the rice and then the wine. Once the wine was incorporated, it was time to begin ladeling the stock into the rice to release its cream. Stir, ladel, stir, stir, stir. Repeat again and again. After about 25 minutes the rice was such a creamy consistency. Awesome!

In went the asparagus, peas, and edaname. I’ve never finished a risotto with cream. It feels like cheating. Sure, it tasted good. Frankly, I don’t think it needed it. The rice would have been fine without it.

Even Gert liked this one.

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