Attacked While Geocaching

If I told you all that went down it would burn off both your ears

Robert Hunter, Deal

Sigh . . . I have been geocaching for six and a half years. Until today, I have never had an issue. Today that changed. I was attacked on my way in to a cache this morning.

There is a small WMA that has a cache in it. It is an old campground nestled next to a stream and someone’s home. I pulled in off the main road. I did not believe the road would go too far back when I drove in and there was a fairly large puddle so I stopped and pulled over to the side. I got out and began heading in to the cache.

There was a bunch of dogs at the house barking. It wasn’t long before two of them jumped a stream and chased after me. I grew up with dogs and am used to dogs barking and following. It quickly became apparent, however, that the dogs were not just going to be following. Both boxers came on me and began nipping. Then they were jumping up and trying to bite me.

Then these dogs attacked. It wasn’t long before I was on the ground and they were doing their best to get me. I got to my feet and as the larger one came at me again, I kicked her. She was not happy. She came back. A couple times the dogs were able to split and get me between them. I tried like the dickens not to have this happen, but I was running out of steam.

I eventually picked up a log to use as a weapon. More they came at me. I began yelling for help. Prior to this I used to say I have been scared just once in my life. That instance was just circumstances; more prejudices than anything and nothing happened. Reason could have always prevailed. There was no reason with the dogs. They kept attacking.

I tried moving back toward the truck. It was slow going and I continued to call for help. Eventually the lady who owns the dogs came. She kept saying everything was all right. Yet the dogs were still advancing on me. Funny how it was all right in her book. She did get them leashed. I felt better then. I began to take inventory of my wounds.

She indicated I wasn’t supposed to have driven there. I asked if this was public and she agreed. She said there was a sign. There is a sign, but it does not forbid entry or vehicles; it states it is public land.

She took the dogs in and came out with some juice. I refused. She said I looked pale. No kidding. She stated she had called the state police and then said they take forever to show up. She went in again to check on her ailing husband. I called the state police at that point. As I told the woman, I thought it was important to have a record of what happened just in case something were to occur. They arrived within 10 minutes out of Cowtown.

The lady indicated her dogs were wrong and this all happened on public land. That was good. She wanted to make a todo out of me hitting one of the dogs with a log. I corrected her that it was my foot, not a log. The officers quelled this by stating that I was being attacked and any reasonable person would defend himself. So, for all of you who think otherwise, I have now been deemed reasonable. 🙂

I’m okay, I think. My right foot hurts. That is where the dogs got me, but I think the tightness is from either kicking or stumbling on something. It doesn’t feel like an infection. I refused medical help at the scene.

Looking back it seems somewhat comical, but I know I was very afraid for a couple minutes. Dogs should be leashed.

Like all travesties, caches should still be found despite the intervening circumstances. After all the commotion and the state police leaving, I hiked out to find the cache.

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2 thoughts on “Attacked While Geocaching”

  1. Yikes. Congratulations on eluding death and serious injury. It’s a good thing they were Boxers and not Pit Bulls like they would have been around here. It sounds like their owners aren’t capable of properly training big dogs like Boxers and don’t have any business having them, or at having them and not keeping them inside a house and fenced-in area.

    I’ve luckily never had a problem with a dog while caching. Always having my own big dog along probably helps. We had a Chihuahua follow us for a few hours around a local preserve once, but he just wanted to be friends. No threatening dogs, though.
    Now black bears on the other hand…

    No camera handy to take a picture to send to Tried to maul Bob, but FAIL.

    Now I know who the reasonable man is. His opinion is much sought after in the law.

  2. Now I know who the reasonable man is. His opinion is much sought after in the law.

    Ah yes, the reasonable man argument. I think Scalia should point everyone to my site to gain insight into reasonableness. I have always said that I should be in charge; it would be a much different world if that were the case. 😉

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