Yee Ha

08-03-30 SH01D4

39.5949 -75.29785 (disguised coordinates)

This shutterspot is now archived.

Have you seen this in South Jersey?

  • Find the exact spot these photographs were taken. Post your find along with a photograph of you at the spot here.

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2 thoughts on “Yee Ha”

  1. You are intriguing me with this Shutterspot use of a GPSr. My friend introduced me to it, but I really couldn’t grasp it, probably because I needed to see some examples. Now that I’m seeing some examples, I’m getting the picture (pun intended).

  2. First of all, welcome Webfoot. Webfoot is the one responsible for introducing me to geocaching.

    As for shutterspots, I love the game. To me, it has turned virtual caching into something far more interesting. Instead of getting a set of coordinates to yet another plaque, monument, etc., one has to actively work to get to the location. In all the virtual caches I have done, very few provided a challenge to get to.

    Some spots are easily recognizable. I think some of that is to provide a low threshold to get folks interested in playing. This spot we are commenting on is most likely recognizable to anyone who lives in this area. It is trivial to get to. Fun, but nothing stellar. Contrast that with Rock Your Gypsy Soul. Even if someone easily recognize that location (I suspect it is a small group who could without some research), getting there is more of a challenge than most geocaches I have ever completed.

    Anyhow, I think it is a fabulous game. It hasn’t taken off yet, but I think it has all the makings to do so once folks here about it. Give it try, you just might like it.

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