The Cape May Lighthouse

08-04-12 TC9T2

38.933167 -74.960283

Ah, another cache at the lighthouse in Cape May Point. I had been toying with coming down here to do a few other things and this cache was enough to finally get to it.

With a sight like this, there was no need for GPSr use. I drove right to the familiar spot. We used to come here via the beach as boys. My friend Jess lived at the Point. It was on the beach right in front of St. Mary’s that I saw my first pair of bare breasts. I was young and there were a couple girls were sunbathing with their tops undone. Ah, mammaries memories.

The bunker used to be our playhouse. Those Keep Off signs weren’t always there. We used to explore inside and then jump off. Then there is the bird sanctuary. It was there I hid my second geocache. Yes, this is familiar territory.

I parked and took the requisite photographs. I have been playing with some of my archives recently, but haven’t stumbled across the any of the lighthouse. They’re in there somewhere.

Anyhow, it was a short visit. I did pull out the GPSr because without the cache description, I wasn’t certain if the GPSr needed to be in a shot or not.

Of course, none of this really matters; I can’t log this at even if I wanted. If you look at my profile, you will see I have not logged on this year. That has been purposeful. The site really offers little and it was obvious that any work on the site has come to a complete halt. I decided not to participate. I kept getting e-mails from threads that I had participated in despite me changing the setting to not notify me so I changed the e-mail address to something bogus to keep from getting those notifications.

A few weeks ago I actually had reason to log onto the site to contact a cache owner about something. Apparently I forgot my password. When working through the process to have it changed, the fake e-mail address I put in kept me from having it e-mailed to me. 🙁 No biggy, I e-mailed AK and asked him:


Will you kindly set the e-mail account for Batona to:
something I am disguising @ some domain I am disguising

Thank you kindly,

The account has never been re-set. Oh well . . . I found another way to contact the cache owner I needed to contact.

This cache is like many others that have not been logged over there. Keeping me off is fine, but it does affect the rest of the community. For instance, John isn’t going to earn any points for this find. So, the lack of attention to one belligerent customer is really affecting everyone else who plays in America’s largest metropolitan market. I can’t imagine that will help build the customer base, but what do I know?

Anyhow, it was a splendid morning in my hometown.

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  1. Nice. We don’t have lighthouses like that around here. Mostly, they are buoys out in a channel with a light on it. Perhaps this summer when I’m up at Pt. Reyes.

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