The Olive Garden

08-05-16 The Olive Garden

We have a new addition to the extended family! We went to visit our new niece/cousin in Somers Point and were in need of some food before we arrived home. We decided to pass on anything along the way and wee resigned to fast food when we remembered the Olive Garden at the mall. That was agreeable to all.

It was after 7:00 and the wait wasn’t too bad for a Friday. Our waiter was Javier. He was pleasant.

The only issue we had was that the children’s meals were served first. We like to have them eat when we eat.

We ordered a sampler appetizer that included stuffed mushrooms and fried meat ravioli. Both were fine. I found the marinara for the ravioli to be a bit thin.

The salad was as good as always; plenty of garlic! Gert took all the tomatoes before I protested.

Gert had the Stuffed Chicken Marsala. It was tasty. For me, it would be the perfect winter meal as it seemed a bit heavy. Gert loved it.

As for me, I ordered the Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto. I have taken to eating risotto of late and was turned on to this dish. The Olive Garden has released a You Tube video of an executive chef demonstrating how to prepare this dish. I made it recently and it is enjoyable! I wanted to see how it compared to the real thing

The dish costs $14.95 in the restaurant. I figure I made about $75 worth at home. My version provided much more to eat. While the OG’s had nine medium shrimp, there were but a few pieces of asparagus. 🙁 It was perfectly seasoned!

I very much enjoyed my risotto but will probably keep to making my own in the future and ordering something different when we go to the Olive Garden.

Gert finished with the Tiramisu.

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  1. The first time I ever ate in an Olive Garden was in Florida. I think it was Fort Lauderdale, but maybe Hollywood or some other town. Dana was in the area studying to be a scuba instructor and I went down to visit. We dined there. It must have been an old-school decor because it looked nothing like what I think of as an Olive Garden.

    I don’t quite remember the scenario, but I interviewed there for a job. I suppose the youngsters dreamed of moving there to dive, live, and work. It didn’t work out on all levels with that. Ha!

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