Bicentennial Memorial

08-05-17 TC4XS

38.914183 -75.425383

This was the first stop on the Delaware terracaching run today. I got a later start than I had planned and made two bonehead driving mistakes. I once again forgot to exit 55. I keep doing this. In Delaware, for some reason I remained on 95. I wasn’t thinking so I had cut back over via 896. Old familiar territory so it wasn’t too bad. It just seemed like it took forever to get to the start of the run.

I found the park just fine. I parked and took the obligatory photographs. The CC made no sense to me at first. I took lots of shots to prove my visit as I didn’t see what I was supposed to have seen. After finding the other virt here, I came back and saw what I was supposed to have. D’oh! Sometimes I can be dense. 🙂

I like the memorial. It’s a shame (in a sense) that the flagpole is directly behind it. I could not find an angle to get rid of the pole without catching a dumpster or a vehicle. This would make a good photograph for the wall.

Anyhow, thanks for bringing me here.

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