Eppy the Handsome

38.71725 -75.0783

Sigh . . . this was the last cache on my Delaware terracaching run. Unfortunately I did not find it. It wasn’t for a lack of trying. After walking up and down the block several times, around the block a couple times, etc., I finally stopped and asked for some help.

Eppy is no more, at least not at the posted coordinates. About a month ago Eppy left along with the “establishment” that hosted it. I was told where the residence is.

I drove out Rt. 1 to Glade where the gigantic new building is. It is so new that there is plastic wrap on the pillars, a 2008 cornerstone, and much work to be done yet, despite being open for a spaghetti dinner.

Unfortunately, Eppy was not on display. I suspect if he moved with them, he is not ready for display yet. If he remained at the old location, it too will be some time as that building is going through major renovations. I have photographs of both locations if you need them.

For the time being, anyhow, Eppy is not available. That was an unfortunate discovery three hours from home.

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  1. I remember this. Quite disappointing. Can’t find those photographs presently. I am sure they are in the archives somewhere. I can picture the new church and the old location in town.

    Folks logged this as a find for a couple years until it was archived.

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