Lake Gerar plaque

08-05-17 TC4UE

38.71785 -75.083

Oh, Gert was going to be angry. It was apparent as I snaked across Sussex County that I was going to miss my ETA. But to be all the way down here and not pick up the three Rehoboth terracaches was not in the cards.

Each time I come here I am amazed at how much things have changed. I recall this town just being a dinky little beach town. It is now a thriving metropolis! I could have parked very close to this, surprisingly, but opted for something a block or so further as it would be more optimal for the Eppy terracache.

The coordinates had me walking in circles for a moment. I thought I had remembered the kind of plaque I was looking for, but Nelson was on none that I found. Once I stopped and took inventory, I spotted one I had not gone to. The last one, always. 🙂

There was a young couple swinging nearby.

After this cache I went to investigate a “structure” I had spotted looking for a parking spot. I thought it would make for a good shutterspot. On my way over to it I spotted a dead bird. This was the second dead bird near a terracache I spotted in Sussex County today. What are you folks doing to the birds? 🙂

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