Ode to a rebel

08-05-17 TC4XH

38.672017 -75.378717

The ride down 113 seemed to take forever from Milford. Traffic was moving, but it seemed like this journey was so slow to get going. It would cost me in the end as I totally missed my expected arrival time. Anyhow . . .

I drove right by this convinced the entrance was on the other road. As I turned, I could see the monument I had just passed. Ah, how many times have I made the caching K turn to go back to a missed entrance, road, etc.?

There had been an event here today that had just ended. Only a few of the hosts were left packing up. All the carriages were out. When I die, I would like to be transported in the one carriage. It was beautiful.

The sun was very bright at the monument and good photographs were hard to come by. While I was there a plane flew overhead. I know nothing of types of planes, but I believe it was military.

I found the requisite information and continued my Delaware terracaching run.

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