Some Gave All

08-05-17 TC4XG

38.615017 -75.314217

When I had looked at the caches last night for this run, I jotted down a couple driving directions to get from one area to the next. This is not familiar area for me. It dawned on me as I negotiated to this location that while I may not always have taken the shortest route, it seems to me I had some very efficient directions.

Anyhow, I arrived at this cemetery in no time. It is very well maintained, from what I can see. I parked out front and then walked back to the wall. This is a very solemn place. I spent a few minutes paying my respects and then referenced the cache description. I am not certain I know what pavers are. I hope that I counted the right things. I suspect if this log posts, I will know whether or not I was correct. 😉

Thank you for bringing me here.

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