Playing with Timmy

08-05-18 Playing with Timmy

When babies are born, folks flock to see the new arrivals.  With Ellen coming into our world this week, lots of visitors have made their way to Shore Memorial.  Being in town, Mommy headed over to visit with Aunt Jill, Uncle Frank, and most of all, Cousin Timmy.

He is a cutie!

After their visit, it was back home to lounge around on this rainy Sunday.  Fritz is a walker now!  He is adding sitting to his repertoire.  He is talented as well as cute.  Don’t mind the white trashiness of being in his diaper.

And yes, the mess you see in the background is compliments of Mr. Destructo!

Fritz is signing pretty well these days too.  And when he is hungry, in addition to whining (which he is particularly good at), he will bring the food he wants to us.  He is clever.

Beetle and Fritz play well together.  They often sit at the writing table.  He is enamored with his older sister and she enjoys having an audience.

We aren’t on holiday yet, but we can get a moment’s peace occasionally as they play together.  It’s nice that he is maturing.

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