Scoble Is Frustrating

Last August Robert Scoble was pumping Facebook so much he decided he would create content that was only available there. Many (including yours truly) took him to task for that. His response? He replied via Facebook.

Advance to today . . . all of a sudden Facebook is evil because it is rumored to be on Microsoft’s purchase list.

This is a fight for the Web. We all just crawled inside a box that locks Google out.

Don’t believe me?

Go to Google and do a search for “Le Web 08.”

Do you see a Facebook entry there? Nope. Google is locked out of the Web that soon will be owned by Microsoft. We will never get an open Web back if these two deals happen.

Listening to Scoble is frustrating. It is akin to listening to Dick Morris pontificate on Fox News. When the story changes, so does his perspective.

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