Hillary, Assissination, and the Record

Much hay is being made about Hillary Clinton’s comment invoking the assassination of Robert Kennedy. The thing is, it isn’t the first time she has done so to make her point.

I have no issue with Sen. Clinton’s remark. She was trying to defend why she shouldn’t drop out of the race. To support her side she pointed to other Democratic races that weren’t won until June or after. Certainly 1968 was one of them given Kennedy was the front-runner when he was assassinated.

The issue with what she said isn’t the assassination remark, it’s that Bill Clinton didn’t win the nomination until June 1992. After the New York Primary in April, he was the presumptive nominee.

Bill was the clear front runner now [ed: after Super Tuesday]; however a grassroots strategy by Jerry Brown pulled him awfully close to the Arkansas governor. Brown used a 1-800 number to call mass numbers of people and receive funding for his campaign. His wins in Connecticut and Colorado made it look like he was going to take over Bill. However a series of controversial bumps set Brown behind and Clinton won the Democratic nomination in early April after his win in New York.

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