ACLU Sues Schools to Make Certain Children Attend

This is unbelievable!

The ACLU is at it again. It is suing Palm Beach, FL schools because the graduation rate is 73%. It thinks it should be higher.

Lisa Carmona is a parent who has signed onto the lawsuit. She

believes her son has a constitutional right to a good education and that it’s the school’s responsibility to make sure that six years from now he’s in a cap and gown with his friends.

Most state constitutions do guarantee a “good education.” Here in New Jersey, the words “thorough and efficient” are the guiding words that cost the government billions of dollars each year and is the basis of the Abbott decisions. So, I have no particular issue with the first part of Ms. Carmona’s statement.

It is the second part that is troubling. Why is it the school’s responsibility to ensure that her son attends school?

This is emblematic of what is going on with public education. All eschew responsibility and pass it onto the schools. Schools are burdened with tasks it is incapable of accomplishing. They are designed to teach academics, not put the child in the building. Shoot, most districts even provide a vehicle that will pick up your child and deliver him back home. That isn’t enough for the likes of Ms. Carmona. In this case her responsibility is to ensure her child is dressed and at his bus stop. She refuses to accept that responsibility.

Is it any wonder that public schools fail?

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