Footprints in the Sand – James Bond Style!

08-06-19 LC76X

39.27525  -74.570217

This is the kind of scavenger hunt I really enjoy.  Several days ago I put the martini glass in the car so it would not be forgotten when we went to the beach today.

After spotting the culprits early in the day, other nefarious creatures kept me busy.  But they were never too far out of range.  I knew they had to be here somewhere.  Who can hide on a beach?  One’s tracks are there for all to find.   So after calling for my Aston Martin, I took the sand to seek the evil doers.

As soon as I arrived I noticed it was cocktail hour.  Ah, they can die another day.  Young man, a martini if you will.  Shaken, not stirred.

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