What a Ride!

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What a ride indeed! This was Beetle’s very first log flume ride ever. She loved it.

Our family spent the day on the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk. It was a perfect day. Fritz rode his first carousel ever. That was the same carousel ride Beetle rode a few years ago for the Around & Around – Up & Down We Go scavenger hunt.

Anyhow, when we got to the log flume at Wonderland we were disappointed to see the photo booth out-of-order. Gert was kind enough to shoot video of the event. The operator made me take off my Terracaching hat. 🙁 Not only do you see the lines of hat-head, it appears I am going bald. How did that happen?

ScrabbleMan was very understanding of our plight and accepted the video in lieu of the $6.50 photograph we were unable to obtain. Enjoy the video!

08-06-19 LCYU

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