Fun in Tuckerton

08-06-23 Fun in Tuckerton

Today we went to visit Nana. With two children and two parents on vacation, getting up and out of the house is not a minute activity. We were a few minutes late getting on the road, but nevertheless made it to lovely Tuckerton.

At 92, Nana has not slowed down. I fully expected to go out and pick up lunch, but Nana had already driven and picked up lunch meats when we arrived. I hope I am that active at 92!

Nana has a couple stuffed animals that play music. These used to keep Beetle entertained. Fritz doesn’t like them. As a matter of fact, they served as a barrier he would not cross during lunch.

We had a nice visit. Nana loves Beetle and Fritz. Aunt Liz had left a birthday present for Beetle. It was a very nice sticker book about farms. It is like a Colorforms, so it is reusable. Beetle played with that while we were there. We had brought Legos for Fritz.

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