You Say It’s Your Birthday

08-06-26 LC772


This locationless geocache is now archived.

You say it’s your birthday.
It’s my birthday too–yeah.

Lennon/McCartney, Birthday

Seriously. To celebrate, I offer you this task. During the next year you too will celebrate your birthday. Hey, it’s not rocket science; I just know these things. 🙂 Well, list a scavenger hunt on your birthday. When you do, come here and post your find with a link and a description of your new hunt. Include a photograph of you happily sharing your moment with your GPSr.

At that point, we’ll collectively sing Happy Birthday to you. 🙂

The Particulars

  • Links to photographs should remain active.
  • Surely you are celebrating the day with someone who can take your photograph, therefore, at least your face should share the image with the GPS.
  • Publish the coordinates of the nearest gas station. There’s no need to publish your home coordinates.
  • Your scavenger hunt needs to be listed here at

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