Little Miss Muffin Turns Four

08-06-29 Little Miss Muffin Turns Four

The exciting week continued today with our blow-out party for Beetle. Bigger and more extravagant than last year, this party once again brought the giant inflatable slide to our backyard. Fourteen children, including Fritz took to the slippery conditions.

Hamburgers and hot dogs were done on the grill while Mommy‘s favorite, little sandwiches from Shop Rite, were served inside along with a full complement of goodies.

The stress of putting on such an event took its toll. The weathermen called for downpours all day and that agitated the hostess with the mostest. But other than a few big raindrops for about two minutes, it was bright, sunny, and hot. Frankly, it was a perfect day for a party.

The slide did not arrive as early as it did last year, which kept us off it until the partygoers showed. What was nice was that we got to keep it until Monday, so we had plenty of time for fun, even after everyone else had gone home.

Beetle received lots of gifts. Barbie this and Barbie that. Dresses galore. A big girl bike (with training wheels). It was a smorgasbord of stuff!

Then there was the princess cake. That was a big hit too!

More water sliding. More eating. More fun in the sun.

It was so much that when it was time for dinner, Fritz passed out in his seat! Holy smokes!

Beetle had a great time. She looked at her cookbook from Grammy more closely once everybody left. She (and her parents) think this looks really fun. It’s a rebus cookbook. We can’t wait to make something with the youngest chef in the family.

What a tremendous day. And as well as it went, we are happy it is over. It takes a lot to put on this shindig, but all seemed to enjoy it. Cousin Ellen came to her first family event. Cousin Timmy has grown so much! Cousin James played with Fritz at the sandbox. Cousin Sean went down the slide. Daddy took Fritz down once, but he was a bit rattled and we left it at one ride.

We are now officially exhausted! I hope everyone sleeps in tomorrow morning.

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