Inflatable Water Slide

Beetle's Birthday Party


This geocache is now archived.

When your wife wants to be the hostess with the mostest, it can be frustrating. We throw a shindig each summer and it is becoming more extravagant each year.

I am the husband and father so my opinion matters little. Just be quiet, show up, and manage the grill, I am told. Fine.

But this year when the giant inflatable water slide took over the yard, I got wet! The children loved it. I loved it! They liked spraying me with water, pushing me out of the way, and having me act goofy.

I was able to get Gert to snap a photograph of me for this hunt. Ain’t she sweet?

There’s nothing finer than slip sliding away on a hot humid summer day.

Your task is to find an inflatable water slide then use it with your GPSr in hand. Go get wet!

The Particulars

  • Photographs should include your GPSr.
  • Links to photographs should remain active.
  • Publish the coordinates where the photograph was taken. If it’s your house, use the nearest post office.
  • Inflatable: means not a water park water slide.
  • Water: not a regular slide, but one that has water running down it. Get wet!
  • Slide: you need to be descending with GPSr in hand.
  • Logs should be unique to this listing. Please do not use photographs and logs from other scavenger hunts/caches. A new entry and image is expected to log this.
  • The honor system is in play here. The idea is for you to seek a new place for this hunt.

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