Sunset at Higbee Beach

08-08-05 TCCBS

38.965833 -74.96325

Didn’t find it. It wasn’t for a lack of effort. We waited out the muggles who were at GZ. Once the Delaware passed they moved on and we began our search. I didn’t come up with anything.

Then I broke out the hint. That moved me away a little from where I was looking. I am sure I just missed it, but we searched rather thoroughly and came up with nothing. While this isn’t the dune, I felt very conspicuous searching where I was with the number of people passing. It was good to have my one-year-old there digging with me.

I am pretty certain I was at the spot the hint indicated. It seems unlikely it would be buried too deep after a few days. I don’t know what to think, but we’ll wait until someone else finds it b4 trekking back down here.

I have been coming here for decades. Used to be a place Dad and I would come and watch the ferries. Then it was a party place. Now I’m back with my son. Circle of life, or something to that effect I suppose.

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