Cape May Harbor

08-09-21 TCCIS

38.947917 -74.906417

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At 10 my mother decided it was time for me to learn how to sail. The yacht club was happy to oblige. I do not recall much teaching although I do recall lots of bopping around the harbor. That did get us into some trouble as our bluejays and sunfishes frequently crashed into the big yachts leaving damage. I learned how to sail away quickly. 🙂

Ask anyone who has come to town and they’ll undoubtedly bring up The Lobster House. This landmark is the area’s traditional seafood house. Granted, it does seem to be better than the others. Bill Bergey used to host our football banquets there. There was also the memorable evening with my friend’s parents that raised the roof!

More than the restaurant is the seafood market. This is the finest seafood one will find anywhere. You see, the fishing boats dock at the market and unload the day’s catch. It travels the 100 feet or so to the market where the public buys what they do not sell to the local restaurants. Now that’s fresh!

There is something about the shore and fishing that is magical. I loved walking the docks as a boy. My friend David‘s grandparents owned the marinas here. David was given several soda and cigarette machines that were put in the marinas. We would travel around filling them. I recall learning about tobacco taxes at an early age. All that work netted me a cold soda. Yum!

In recent years the town has built a little park (for lack of another word) for one to take in this wonderful area. The Coast Guard base, yacht club, marinas, and harbor all are viewed from here. Enjoy the views!

Before you leave, take a shot of you and your GPSr with the fishing boats in the background. Place that shot in with your log. Sunset is beautiful here!

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