McCain’s Move

I’ll grant that my initial reaction to McCain’s move was WTF? followed closely by This may be a very good political move. Then it dawned on me that while it garners all the attention now and shines an interesting, if not positive, light on McCain, it only works in the end if his work in D.C. is productive.

And what is McCain going to do while in D.C.?  Lobby hard for spending $700 billion of taxpayer money to bail out private businesses.

I have favorable opinions of Goldman Sachs.  In addition to ousting Jon Corzine as its CEO a decade ago, my BIL works for the company.  Goldman today announced $5 billion of funds coming in from none other than Warren “I Should Pay More Taxes” Buffet.  It is also going to sell $5 billion of common stock.  Together that $10 billion is expected to help out Goldman.  Not a penny of my money is used.

The politics McCain is using is going to cost me dearly.  I know, I am always pessimistic.  I’ll still vote for NewtNewt supports Kill the Bailout.

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