Human-Powered Vehicles for Hire

Rolling Chair


This geocache is now archived.

The Atlantic City boardwalk is replete with rolling chairs. These vehicles are exactly what they sound like: a chair/bench on wheels. The chair is pushed by someone. One pays a fee for the taxi service. These chairs are special in our house as it was in one of these I proposed to my wife.

There was a fabulous Seinfeld episode that featured a rickshaw. Kramer and Newman decided to run a rickshaw business. As expected, there are disastrous results of that decision.

Both of these are vehicles for hire that are human-powered. Your task for this scavenger hunt is to hire a human-powered vehicle and document the experience.

The Particulars

  • Photographs should include the vehicle, your GPSr, and you in the vehicle for hire.
  • A photograph of the person you hired is also requested.
  • Links to photographs should remain active.
  • Publish the coordinates where the photograph was taken.
  • Logs should be unique to this listing. Please do not use photographs and logs from/for other scavenger hunts/caches. A new entry and image is expected to log this
  • The honor system is in play here. The idea is for you to seek a new place for this hunt.

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