What Sports Teams Do You Root For?

I grew up and live in South Jersey. This is the Philadelphia market. As such, I tend to root for Philadelphia teams, but I do have some other teams that get me excited too.

I am a baseball fan through and through. I love watching the game whether it be my World Champion Phightins or a local Little League game. Baseball is a thing of beauty.

There is no doubt that the Philadelphia Phillies are my team. I first saw them play live in 1971 1972 (rethinking, pretty certain it was 29 July 1972). I watch oodles of their games each year.

In addition to the Phillies though, I am willing to watch just about any baseball. The game is that wonderful. In my youth, it seemed that the Red Sox were featured quite a bot on the GOTW. I liked them then. Later I lived in Boston for four years and attended many games at Fenway. I liked them then. I still have an affinity for the Red Sox. It is easy to like them as they are the antithesis of the Yankees. As a Philly boy, I have a natural dislike of New York teams. And I do dislike them, although I respect the history of the Yankees has had on the game.

I grew up a Dolphins fan. It is not difficult to understand. The first time I recall seeing them was in Super Bowl VI when they lost to the Cowboys 24-3. I am sure their colorful uniforms helped (as well as being one of the better teams). As soon as I began liking them, they won back-to-back Super Bowls. Go me! Then it was a long time before they made it back to the show . . . and lose. I remained a diehard Fins fan until about a decade ago when I met my wife. She said I should root for the home team. And she was right.

It was becoming more difficult to follow a team 1500 miles from home. In their place, I watched the Eagles. I used to be a big WIP listener. Philly is much more a football town than a baseball one. I was persuaded and officially switched my allegiances. I still root for the Fins, but the Eagles have my heart.

Admittedly, however, I have noticed over the last few years I watch a lot less football than I used to. Sundays are filled with other activities. MNF is no longer an event. The Thursday game is now off limits as I do not subscribe to the NFL Network. It is just becoming easier to turn off the game.

Yup, the 76ers through and through. Chamberlain was before my time. Instead, I recall the lowly 1972 team. Soon enough the team picked it up and we had a nice run for a decade.

I lost interest in basketball a long time ago. I cannot relate to the game. Despite large leads, all games close in the fourth quarter. It appears the last five minutes are all one needs to watch. Traveling has been re-defined. Palming is not called. It just isn’t a game that I look forward to watching any longer.

I spent time living in Boston. I ran a restaurant that the Celtics coach, K.C. Jones, had a stake in. I met the team on numerous occasions for fundraisers. I have a liking for the Celtics too.

I love the Flyers. I like watching hockey, but I have not followed the game in a while. Too much going on. On occasion, however, I will sit down and watch a game. I find hockey to be very interesting. I can’t skate and never had any dreams of playing and I can’t afford to attend the games.

Growing up I watched a lot of racing. Cale Yarborough was my driver, but I liked Petty, Pearson, A.J. Foyt, the Unsers, etc. too. Then as I went to college, I stopped watching racing. It wasn’t until I moved here 15 years ago that I got back into it. When I did, I rooted for the pretty boy Jeff Gordon. I know. I know.

As I became a Ford driver, I tried to find a Ford driver to root for. I still rooted for Gordon.

I don’t watch weekly any longer, but I casually follow the Cup. The Hendrick team is my team and Gordon is still my driver. Go figure.

It occurs to me that baseball may be the game that sticks with me as it is the only game I can afford to attend any longer. And even that is becoming an issue. I go to far fewer games than I used to. It costs my family more than $100 to attend a game these days. That is a treat once in a blue moon, not a regular gig. I used to go to 15-20 games a year. We used to travel to Baltimore, New York, D.C., and Pittsburgh for games. Now D.C. is it and only because we visit there regularly for other reasons.

Anyhow, who do you root for?

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