Where Do You Want to Visit?

I recall one evening in college playing theIf you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? game. My friends traveled the world. When it came to me I simply stated, Montana. Of course, I was asked why. We pulled out a map and I showed them how large Montana was. We then pulled out an Alamanac (we had those things back then) and looked up the population. It was among the lowest in the United States. I proclaimed I wanted to live where there were few people.

There are a couple reasons why this may be true. I come from New Jersey, the densest state in the union. I think it would be interesting to have space between neighbors. Also, my BIL had recently gone camping in Montana. He came back smelly after two weeks. It sounded like fun.

Since then Montana has held a mythical hold on me. While I have little interests in traditional outdoor winter activities, visiting Montana is still on my list. That there are some outstanding terracaches to be found there further add to the myth of the area for me. Unfortunately, Gert has absolutely no interest whatsoever in doing this trip. Montana is difficult to travel to from where I live and is as pricey as any national destination.

At the top of the list has always been New Orleans. This town just seems to have the same demeanor as I do. I would love to bop around Bourbon Street. The blues festival would be a huge draw for me. Traveling outside the area in the bayous would be awesome. I love cajun food and would relish in the history of the place.

My mother urged me to go with her a couple times and I never did. Tired, I suspect, of waiting on me, she went with my sister. It turned out to be a good move as just a couple months later Katrina swept through.

Now NOLA doesn’t seem quite as special. NOLA was seen inside and out during the hurricane coverage. It appears there is a side to the area that isn’t nearly as pleasant as what I wanted to participate in. That’s probably true about all places. Nevertheless, while I still would like to visit, I am far more ambivalent to traveling here than I used to be. Mardi Gras flies in the face of my I dislike crowds stance. The magic of Easy Rider has passed for me as I have matured.

Yes, Kentucky. No, I do not fashion myself a hick nor a horse race fan. But much like Napa Valley has become a destination for wine lovers (think Sideways), Kentucky has built an industry of touring whiskey distilleries. Ah, heaven. I would love to do this and cap off the tour in Louisville at the Louisville Slugger Museum. How awesome would that be? And yeah, sipping mint julips at the Run for the Roses once would be a treat.

At one time in my life I thought I was going to be a world traveler. Some told me to do so while I was young as once I settled down it would become more difficult. How true!

I know little of world history, it seems. I even took a European History course in college just because I knew I was ignorant about history outside the United States. Unlike many of my friends who tour certain regions, I have no desire to spend considerable time in Germany or Scotland or France, etc. I am a simple man . . . England will do.

The language barrier is certainly an issue, but not an overwhelming one. The idea of strolling through London, finding a special pub, and doing some shopping sounds good to me. Good theatre exists there and the countryside isn’t far off. True, the Brits are not particularly known for their cuisine, but I am sure I could find something to satisfy my tummy. 🙂

Prince Edward Island
Admittedly, I do not know much about this gem. Gert is a fan as she is a fan of Anne of Green Gables. When we considered our honeymoon, I pushed for this as I knew it was a location she wanted to visit. She scoffed at that and picked a much different place for our honeymoon.

I recall having done some research on the place. I think this would be a remarkably peaceful place to visit. Good food, no hubbub, etc. Sounds like my kind of place. And that Gert would enjoy it too makes it an ideal location to visit.

Gert (and many others) speak highly of the Adirondacks. I was not reared in a camping house. My experiences have been limited over my lifetime. It is not that I am unwilling, just unskilled. Gert’s family vacationed here a lot when they were younger. There has been lots of talk of taking another one in recent years. I have been onboard with all those plans. Someday, perhaps.

To be coupled with any trip to the Adirondacks will be a visit to Mecca Cooperstown. It is with some guilt that I admit that I am a grown man and have never visited the Baseball Hall of Fame. I’ve been to the Cowboy Hall of Fame. I’ve gone to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I’ve been to the Negro Leagues Baseball Hall of Fame. I’ve been to the glass Hall of Fame. But never have I traveled to a museum where I would be completely enthralled.

Recently I have thought that I should wait a few more years until the children are a bit older and would appreciate the visit. Good thinking there, but it’s one of those things that if the opportunity presents itself, I am going.

True, this isn’t a Gert destination, but she knows this would be a big thrill for me so would go. If we coupled it with a visit to the Adirondacks, she will be quite pleased with that so it would work well.

There are other places I would enjoy visiting. We recently went to Jamaica, which is a place Gert had wanted to return to. Yes, nice. Bermuda still holds the title as the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. I suspect, however, Gert and I will not be going there any time soon.

Once upon a time San Francisco was a place I long to visit. Not so much these days. Sure, seeing a baseball game in every park is still a dream and that would bring me here. The reality of that dream is not very likely.

I have picked up wanting to visit the Maldives. That is purely competitive though. I know nothing of the place and I am not even playing that game any longer. Still . . .

There’s a part of me that wants to visit Dallas-Ft. Worth. There are a lot of shutterspots I am interested in visiting there. My plans for a Rochester trip for similar things seems to have waned. Although, gasoline prices are now down . . . hmmm . . .

There are some other destinations on my life list: Beale Street, the Prime Meridian, the Aurora Borealis, etc. I look at these as things I want to do, not neccessarily vacations to take. Although I guess Cooperstown could be seen that way too. Hmm . . . perhaps there is no point to this after all.

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