Dr. Theodore Corson Wheaton Village to Arts

08-12-04 GC1JDNR

39.411583 -75.021567

Well, I knew I would swing by here sometime. Today was as convenient as any, although truthfully, I drive by here daily. I was to pick Beetle up, but plans changed as I was doing that. I was so confused. I remained optimistic despite the weirdness of the situation as I was still on the high from completing the bulletin board from hell earlier in the day. Don’t ask.

That good mood remained through this quick experience. I had Fritz in tow. The village was still open, but on a Thursday, there was little traffic with 20 minutes remaining. I certainly understand the comments on the cache page. Interestingly, I walked right to the cache. I spent considerable time extracting the log from the container. Sigh . . .

I contemplated walking Fritz into the General Store for some hoarhound candy. Good stuff. In the end, we just checked out the Christmas display immediately inside the gates. This also picked me up after learning that even Happy Holidays is verboten any longer.

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