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08-12-26 GC11EB1

39.759383 -74.58715

This was the last cache of the day for us. We didn’t make it to Friendship, but we had a blast.

We pulled over and spotted a little trail to head in. We got to the area, past the “motorcycle trail”. We call that a fire break. 🙂 Anyhow, it took a moment to zero in. Most of the day was like this. By the time I looped around and found this, Ken was nowhere to be seen. Hmmmm . . .

I logged in. It’s an interesting cache. I usually do not agree with securing a cache in this fashion, but something about this one appealed to me for some reason. Anyhow, I got everything back, took my photographs, and returned to the last place I saw Ken. That is what my mommy always taught me when you get split up. Not only was he not there, I could not see or hear him.

As I prepared for today, I stumbled across my old 2-way radios. I have not used these in years. Anyhow, I charged them. There was only a red light. I looked up the manual online. It appears, and I vaguely recall this, that the light never goes green. The red just indicates the power to the charger is on. So, I had placed those in the caching bag for today. Of course, I did not give Ken one. So that was dead weight I carried all day. Rather, I pulled out the cell phone and called him. He wondered why I wasn’t near him and I the same. We eventually met up. It seems he typed a wrong number. 😉

Anyhow, light was beginning to be scarce and I had been away from the family all day. It was time to scoot back across the forest to pick up my vehicle.

Our annual bopping trip after Christmas was once again a blast!

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