Edge of the swamp 4

08-12-26 GC1JVFT

39.770417 -74.6763

After a detour down Glossy Sprung, we came back this way. Saw this on the screen and headed for it. Hmmm . . .

We looked for some time, but never came up it. It was swampy, but not bad. Coordinates bounced a bit, but not bad. There’s a little stream right through here. Ken seemed to be searching one side, I the other. It seemed odd not to find this. But we struggled with this cacher’s hides all day.

I referred to the cache page. The cache was just placed and only two folks had found it. One was just yesterday. And unlike a lot of what we sought today, this was a regular sized cache. It had to be there. I found a decoy pile of sticks. Obviously we were in the correct area.

Ken was texting another cacher about the hide. She had found the cache. I laughed all day at Ken. He just doesn’t seem to be the type who is into texting. I suppose I am just showing my age. Texting is for those who play Xbox. Nevertheless, we came up empty. After quite a bit of time searching, we admitted defeat and headed back to the truck.

It was time for a lunch break. Out came the pulled pork. Ah, I love smoked meat. There was no way to warm it, but that was okay. We chowed on a couple sandwiches and had a beverage. Then came Gipsie. We all said our pleasantries. She encouraged us to return to look for the cache. We did.

Now there were three of us poking around. She had found the cache yesterday so surely we would come up with it today. No dice. After a little bit more, we decided to move on. I don’t know what to make of this DNF, but I guess it just wasn’t meant for us to find.

Gipsie went one way, we the other. It’s always interesting meeting folks on the hunt.

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