Monopoly- Skit Branch Waterway

08-12-26 GC1GKCD

39.765867 -74.676667

Next up was this cache. This seems to be the requisite 528 feet from its closest neighbor. We pulled over and quickly had it in our hands. These large coffee containers are becoming more prevalent. The contents were damp, although not wet. Furthermore, this can stunk. I suppose it’s the coffee remnants gone stale after a few months in the elements.

It seems to me I may have left something in this cache. If I did, I haven’t a clue as to what it was. I did not take anything but a memory.

I took photographs of the clues for this series in case I ever decide to complete it. I tend not to complete these things. It occurs to me I am in the middle of a couple other series Rob has put out. Anyhow, I have those coordinates in the archive now.

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