Star gazer

08-12-26 GC1DEPD

39.77215 -74.6052

After finding OH rats we moved back up here. We went the wrong way at the intersection so banged a U-y. As we did we saw a someone moving toward us with a GPSr in his hand. We rolled down the window and asked if he was caching. Indeed. After introductions, we drove bike&ski to the cache area.

I am seriously out of practice with this kind of caching. He explained how he had been here already today and once previously and could not find the cache. I understand as it was yet another sofiecat cache. We piled out of the Durango and all headed to the same spot. With backs turned I did a move reminiscent of Rewards and found the cache. Without thinking I announced I had found the cache. I should have re-hidden it gracefully and walked away. Not doing so spoiled the fun. Sorry.

Anyhow, we signed in and chatted a bit. bike&ski wanted to hike back out. Good for him.

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