The Hampton Experience

08-12-26 GC10QQM

39.77015 -74.679483

We enjoyed our drive down Hampton Road, although we are perplexed why the state has not run the grader recently. We stopped on the other side of the river to check out something. I do not recall the sewage pipes there, but I suppose they may have been there all along. Ken discussed the foot bridge that connected this side with the furnace. The dwellings were on the west side.

We eventually drove around and checked out the remaining pilings from the furnace side of things. I love the savannah-feel to this area. Afterwords we signed into the cache. It is extremely damp.

We roamed around the remains of the cranberry warehouse. Ken pointed out the Lamb’s ear. It’s a velvety plant. Interesting.

Today was a splendid Boxing Day and it was wonderful to be out here enjoying the sights and sites.

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