09-01-01 GD91-CYUC

39.353 -75.1276, 42m

With the new year rung in rather quietly, when Fritz began howling at 7:00 this morning, I got up so Gert could sleep in. We fumbled getting ourselves ready. I need celery for the turkey I’ll be smoking later today so I figured we could get an early start to things. All bundled up, we took to the virgin day and year with gusto.

CYUC is rather convenient to me as it is just down the road. The question was whether it was woods or residence at this location in rural South Jersey. As anticipated, it was the one house in this stretch of woods.

We banged a U-y. Fritz liked looking at the inflatable Santa out front. The house sits back and there’s a little island for Santa and the mailbox about which the dirt road in and out loop of their driveway encircles. This is 3265 Cedarville Road . . . I guess. It’s Cedar Road where I live, but at some point it changes to Cedarville Road. Go figure.

Fritz is always happy to be out and about. He didn’t quite understand sitting along the road, but he accepted it.

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