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I believe in the United States Constitution. I believe the American people are best served when the federal government sticks to the Constitution. When it strays from it, trouble follows.

As such, I believe the federal government works best when it is small. Complete cabinets should be pruned from the federal government to improve efficiency. ED, Health and Human Services, HUD, and Veterans Affairs are services I do not read are reserved for the federal government in the constitution. While I am certainly in favor of protecting its citizens (that is certainly a federal right), Homeland Security is redundant.

I favor eliminating contributions to foreign countries.

I disdain pork. Earmarks bother me so much that I favor a law be enacted that precludes any expenditures in bills that are not directly related to the outcome of the bill. This trumps highlighting who puts in the earmarks as they are effectively banned with this.

I do not favor term limits. I do favor the citizenry tossing out incumbents regularly. I think frequent change is good for a healthy government.

The legislative branch of government is the most damaged part of government right now. Perks need to be curtailed. Then legislators need to be held accountable.

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