When Beetle was born, I was adamant that she not leave our sight. When she was transferred from the OR to the nursery to sit under the heat lamp, I chased the nurse. They wouldn’t let me into the nursery, but put the newborn in a position where I could see her through the huge glass window.

Wanting to check up on Gert as she was put back together on the other side of the hospital, I parked a family friend at the nursery window with the instructions of not letting Beetle out of her sight.

Yeah, everyone made fun of me. But I didn’t want a baby swap to occur and I didn’t trust that it wouldn’t happen. The nursing staff was very understanding of my OCD.

I feel vindicated for my obsession several years later.

A 34-year old woman is currently sitting in the nuthouse in Bridgeton after trying to nab a baby from the local hospital yesterday.

Dressed in scrubs, wearing an ID badge and identifying herself as a Bridgeton midwife, Lisa N. Maines was allowed past the locked emergency room entrance at South Jersey Healthcare Regional Medical Center, authorities said Thursday.

She made it to the nursery. Fortunately, she didn’t get her hands on a baby, but that was her goal.


We live in the proverbial handbasket here. This woman lives in my town of Millville along with all the other sex deviants, gangs, etc. I cannot believe some of the crazy stuff that goes on. This world has changed during my lifetime, and it is freaking me out. We should not have to deal with this kind of stuff. Is it any wonder I have to keep guard for my family?

After she leaves the nuthouse, I want Maines locked up for good. She is a danger to society.

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