Dearest Beetle,

You are one special girl. We love you . . . unconditionally. Just this morning you approached me and told me you were going to give away some of your toys because you had too many. At times you just come out with the sweetest comments. Of late, you have been extremely friendly with your brother. Your mother and I have high hopes for you.

But little girl, you have a mean streak in you. I dare say it’s a trait of your mother, but I will refrain from derailing this post. 😉 Tonight, after destroying the living room, you were riled up. You kept walking on the coffee table. We instructed you not to. You continued. We scolded you. You continued. We then warned you that if you did it again you would go to bed, you tested us. You were carried to your room by your mother.

You screamed. You hollered. You cried. You woke up your brother. We tried to reason with you. You were too far gone.

After we left you, you got us good. You screamed down to us that you had peed your bed. Yup, you got over on us all right. You’re almost five and you peed the bed.

But little girl, just note that we get the last laugh. I documented this evening’s events here. Your friends will get to read this. Your boyfriends will be able to read this. Your husband and children will read this. If you dare become famous, the world will read this. You think you won tonight, little one, but you just took the battle; the war will be won by your parents. Ha!


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