Corzine’s Words

Freezing property taxes for seniors

With tax revenue falling short of projections to the tune of $800 million, Governor Corzine is set to announce cuts to his budget for next year.  According to the AP, the governor has indicated everything is on the table.

Corzine has said everything is on the table as he looks for areas to cut costs.

I call BS on this.  There’s an easy way to test Corzine’s truthfulness: propose cutting property tax rebates for seniors.  I suspect that sacred cow is not on the table.

Just today, Governor Corzine launched his first television commercial of the campaign season.

At 32 seconds in Corzine touts he froze property taxes for seniors. Of course, the flip side of that is that the rest of us had our property taxes increased. It’s interesting he didn’t mention that.

Do you still think the governor is willing to honestly look at everything? Neither do I.

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