The Circus Is Coming to Town

We hadn’t planned on going, but the magic of the big top pulled us there tonight after work. It was Fritz‘s first circus. He loved it.

09-05-18 Cole Bros. Circus

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3 thoughts on “The Circus Is Coming to Town”

  1. The circus is SO much fun! Lots to look at – I like the circus much better than those canned Sesame Street Live shows…and the like. However, it’s been awhile since we’ve gone. I’ll keep my eyes open for a local circus this year. Your pictures remind me how much fun the circus can be.

  2. What’s on the schedule for this weekend? Parade? Parties? Do tell – we like keeping tabs on our favorite NJ family.

  3. Today was Smoke Day, a day when smoking enthusiasts smoke meat and share online. Things did not go according to plan as I was not ready. My pork butts just went on. Tomorrow is a birthday party and the Greek Festival. Monday I plan on going to the parade with the children. I do not think Mommy is going.

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