Poor Reporting

Associated Press reporter Beth Defalco wrote the following in an article about Corzine’s elimination of property tax rebates for all but senior citizens.

When he ran for office in 2004, Corzine, a Democrat, promised to increase rebates by 40 percent over four years to senior citizens and low-income wage earners, leaving many to wonder if cutting checks that so many residents have come to rely on will hurt his re-election bid.

New Jerseyans who have been paying attention realize this is just poor junk reporting.

When Corzine ran, he pitched his REAL plan that called for increasing property tax rebates 10% annually for four years for all property owners, not just seniors and low-income wage earners, as Defalco reported. The genius of Wall Street couldn’t even figure out that 10% per year is not 40%, but 46%. That is all moot, of course, as there has been no increase in any property tax rebate for anyone. The elimination of the rebates should secure Corzine’s defeat.

Anyhow, Defalco totally missed the issue. This is why newspapers are failing so badly. The editor didn’t pick it up. The AP allowed this to be printed to be read by anyone, yet it is total rubbish. Will there be a follow-up to correct this? There’s the first smile of my day. Of course not.

This is shoddy journalism.

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